Minister Announces Subsidies for Tourism-Related Services

By 4 December 2020
Minister Announces Subsidies for Tourism-Related Services
Source: Pixabay

ZAGREB, December 4, 2020 - The government is aware of the problems and challenges faced by tourism and sports, and to additionally help those sectors, it has been working on a programme of support for tourism and related services to be implemented in 2021, Tourism and Sports Minister Nikolina Brnjac has said.

The new programme, which envisages government subsidies for tourism and related sectors, will focus on small, medium and large entrepreneurs and it will amount to around HRK 1.5 billion, the minister said in an interview with Hina.

"The subsidies will cover many activities, such as food and drink preparation and serving, travel agencies, tour operators, booking and related services, equipment and property leasing, sports, entertainment and recreation activities, etc. Businesses in the health tourism and businesses connected with the health system, such as general practitioners' and specialist practices, dentists and other healthcare-related businesses that are part of tourism services and earn their revenue mostly outside the public health system, will also benefit from the new measures," the minister said, among other things.

She noted that the government had so far secured aid in the amount of some HRK 20 million for sports associations and as much for sports events, as well as that it was working on measures for additional aid to the sports sector.