HDZ Wins 66 Seats after Nearly 95% of Polling Stations Processed

By 6 July 2020

ZAGREB, July 6, 2020 - The Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) has scored a convincing victory in Sunday's parliamentary election, winning 66 seats, while the Social Democratic Party-led Restart Coalition has won 41, the State Election Commission said in the early hours of Monday after processing 94.90% of polling stations.

The Homeland Movement has won 16 seats, the Bridge party eight and the green-left coalition led by the We Can! platform seven.

The coalition of the Party with a First and Last Name, Pametno and Fokus has won three seats, while the Croatian People's Party (HNS) and Reformists have each won one.

These results comprise the votes of 46.62% of the electorate.

HDZ - 66

Restart Coalition - 41

Homeland Movement - 6

MOST - 8

Mozemo - 7

Pametno, Fokus, SSIP - 3

HNS - 1

Reformisti - 1

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