Grmoja: HDZ Has Adapted Everything to Suit Its Own Needs

By 15 May 2020

ZAGREB, May 15, 2020 - MP Nikola Grmoja (Bridge) said on Friday that the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) had made everything it had done, including the timing of the parliamentary election, to suit its own needs, adding that Bridge had not yet decided whether it would run in the election with Miroslav Skoro's Homeland Movement.

"They have adapted the election and everything else they have done to suit themselves. Croatian citizens are not important here... nor what the opposition thinks. This election is for them. I call on citizens to respond to this attack by going to the polls and to listen to those who will call on them to go to the polls yet until yesterday were telling them to stay home. Listen to them this time but don't vote for them," said Grmoja.

He rejected the interpretation that previously he had called for a snap election and was now objecting to the election being held in July.

In response to reporters' remark that according to news coming from the Homeland Movement, election slates were a bone of contention, Grmoja said that "slates and candidates' ranking on them are not the problem," and that he could be in the last, 14th place personally, but that the issue at hand was what sort of people would enter parliament through that alliance.

"I do not want obedient people to enter the parliament and secure  Plenkovic another term in government," he said.

He admitted that Bridge had not been the best in selecting personnel and that it had made some mistakes but nevertheless he believes that the party did not entirely go wrong with its people.