Medical Team Flown from Zagreb to Lithuania to Help Croat Troops

By 29 March 2020

ZAGREB, March 29, 2020 - A medical team was transported on Sunday morning on a government plane from Zagreb to Lithuania to help the Croatian contingent, deployed as a part of NATO's Enhanced Forward Presence Battle Group, after four Croatian servicemen in that Baltic country tested positive for COVID-19.

The Croatian government has also sent necessary medical equipment, drugs and protective gear, according to a press release issued by the defence ministry.

Seeing off the team, the Croatian Armed Forces chief-of-staff, Admiral Robert Hranj, said that the infected Croatian soldiers were well and were provided with good care. The four infected soldiers are exhibiting mild symptoms, while 39 more soldiers are in self-isolation. The second Croatian contingent in Lithuania consists of 187 members, including a physician.

Admiral Hranj said that the situation in Lithuania considering the outbreak of COVID-19 was similar to the developments in neighbouring countries.

The plane is expected to stop in Berlin to take on seven German military doctors whose task is also to provide medical assistance to NATO troops in Lithuania.

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