Strategic Stockpiles Enough for 30 days in Worst Case Scenario

By 13 March 2020

ZAGREB, March 13, 2020 - Strategic buffer stocks in Croatia total HRK 537 million and are enough to supply the entire population for 30 days and if Croatia were quarantined, the necessary range of buffer stocks would be activated, the Economy Ministry said on Friday.

Strategic buffer stocks ensure the most basic needs during and after the initial impact based on the type of natural or other disaster and they comprise food and non-food products.

Food products are wheat, corn, rice, pasta, meat, canned meat and fish, bottled drinking water, whole day food rations, salt, sugar, oil, cheese, powdered milk, baby food, powdered eggs, jam, frozen and canned fruit.

Non-food products include oil products, container homes, water tank trucks, rescue vessels, water pumps, and hydraulic rescue tools.

Buffer stock warehouses are located around the country.

In early February, Buffer Stocks started supplying the Health Ministry with antiviral suits and masks to deal with coronavirus and delivering containers to border crossings for the needs of sanitary inspectors.

The Economy Ministry said the situation was under control and advised all the citizens to continue to follow the recommendations of the national civil protection authority.

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