Interior Minister Says Police Control Border, Migrant Situation

By 4 March 2020

ZAGREB, March 4, 2020 - The Croatian army and police are and have been cooperating and the police are controlling the border and the situation, Interior Minister Davor Božinović said on Tuesday, commenting on the military chief of staff's statement that the army was ready to help the police in case of a migrant wave.

"They exchanged all the data they should and it was never in question whether the army would be engaged if necessary. However, it wasn't necessary and I hope it won't be, Božinović said.

The EU policy is to protect the external borders from illegal entry, he said, adding that EU leaders visited the Greek-Turkish border earlier in the day to show where the EU borders are.

The situation on the Greek-Turkish border is serious but not dramatic, he said.

The new military chief of staff, Vice Admiral Robert Hranj, said the army was ready to help the police and could provide logistical support in case of a migrant crisis.

Under the law, the army can help with transport, medical evacuation, camp construction, as well as provide medical, veterinary and engineering support, he told the public broadcaster.

"The army has operational plans and organised forces that, if so decided, would be activated in border areas... at sea and in the air. In the first stage, 2,500 troops will be ready and more can be mobilised, depending on the political decision," Hranj said.

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