MPs Criticise Decision Not to Allow Same-Sex Couple to Become Foster Parents

By 29 January 2020

ZAGREB, January 29, 2020 - Social Democrat MP Nenad Stazić and independent MP Marko Vučetić on Wednesday strongly criticised a decision by the Zagreb Social Welfare Centre to turn down an application by the life partners Ivo Šegota and Mladen Kožić to become foster parents.

"The centre has rejected the application by the same-sex couple to foster a child, that is what a Tatjana Brozić Perić, the centre's head, presumed to do," Stazić said, adding that the centre did so despite a recent ruling by the Administrative Court under which Šegota and Kožić have the right to foster children.

"The woman does not respect court decisions, she believes that she is above the law, this is a criminal offence and if we were a law-based state, Brozić Perić would be dismissed," said Stazić, noting that Demography, Family, Youth and Social Policy Minister Vesna Bedeković should have dismissed Brozić Perić, describing the case as an unprecedented scandal.

Vučetic said that Šegota and Kožić were being denied the right to foster parenting due to "unusual, inhumane argumentation" coming from social groups that believe that "their narrow views of love, parenting, foster care, culture, language, religion and humanity should be the measure of the humanity of the entire society."

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