Šuica: 3 EU Institutions Close to Common Position on Conference on the Future of Europe

By 28 January 2020

ZAGREB, January 28, 2020 - European Commission Vice-President for Demography and Democracy Dubravka Šuica expressed hope on Tuesday that the three main institutions of the European Union would soon adopt a joint declaration defining details of the Conference on the Future of Europe.

The joint declaration is expected to cover the concept, structure, scope and timetable of the conference which is due to open on Europe Day, May 9. The European Parliament and Commission have already made public their views on the conference, while the General Affairs Council is scheduled to discuss the matter on Tuesday.

The General Affairs Council is chaired by Croatia's State Secretary for European Affairs, Andreja Metelko Zgombić.

"I think we are close to a common position which should be a solid basis for launching the conference. I hope the Council, too, will agree with our proposal that the conference open on May 9, Europe Day, in Dubrovnik," Šuica told reporters on her way into the Council meeting.

The Conference on the Future of Europe is conceived as a new public forum for an open, inclusive and structured debate where citizens will be able to express their view of the future arrangement of the European Union.

Metelko Zgombić will outline the priorities of the Croatian EU presidency that fall within the authority of the General Affairs Council. After that the Council will discuss its position on the Conference on the Future of Europe based on the proposal drawn up by the Croatian presidency.

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