Juričan Continues His Campaign to Highlight Problem of Corruption

By 9 January 2020

ZAGREB, January 9, 2020 - Film director Dario Juričan, who ran in the recent presidential election under the slogan "Corruption for All", highlighting the problem of corruption in Croatia, and who came in fifth, on Wednesday put up a tent outside the Zagrebački Holding multi-utility conglomerate in Zagreb, calling on "the Croatian people: criminals and others, to come and take their share of the city company".

"I am a petty criminal while those sitting across (in Zagrebaćki Holding) are nice people," Juričan told reporters, calling on citizens to come to his tent as part of the campaign "100% for Croatia & 366% for Holding" (an allusion to the slogan of a 2015 war veterans' protest and the name of Zagreb Mayor Milan Bandić's party), and help themselves to roast lamb.

Commenting on Mayor Bandić, who has been the main target of his campaign, Juričan said that he was "a reputable man who has taken Zagreb to European heights", and promised to name streets, avenues and parks after Bandić as much as possible.

Juričan also called on President-elect Zoran Milanović to come to his tent to spend some time with the people, noting that "if he does not come, that will mean that he is not a president from the people."

"He has allegedly said that he is a big fighter against corruption so he should come and support us, and it would also be good if he gave me the embassies in Indonesia and Romania where I won the elections, that's the minimum I expect of him," Juričan said.

Juričan's performance was announced on his Facebook wall, entitled "I want to be Milan Bandić, President of Croatia."

"To the Croatian people: Criminals and all the others, come to take your share of Zagrebački Holding which you have cheatingly won in the presidential election by voting for me," Juričan wrote.

The performance, to last until Thursday morning, includes "lamb eating, bribing of the media, consultations on how to steal off the Zagreb Advent event, as well as hiring at the Knjižnice chain of city libraries, the Čistoća city sanitation company and the Gradska Groblja city cemetery management company.

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