950,000 Euro Spent on Election Campaigning So Far

By 16 December 2019

ZAGREB, December 16, 2019 - Less than seven million kuna was spent on election campaigning of the 11 presidential candidates until this weekend, the State Election Commission (DIP) reported on Monday, six days before the presidential vote on 22 December.

The incumbent president Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović, who is running for her second term, reported that the outlays for her campaign came to 2.75 million kuna so far.

Independent candidate, Miroslav Škoro, perceived as a candidate of right-wing anti-establishment movements, has spent 2.24 million kuna, while Zoran Milanović, the candidate of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) and a few more left opposition parties has spent 1.32 million kuna.

The costs of the remaining eight candidates is 370,000 kuna in aggregate.

Dario Juričan, a film-maker who is using the name of Zagreb Mayor Milan Bandić during the campaign, tops this list with 209,000 kuna spent so far on his campaign.

He is followed by Katarina Peović, a candidate of two non-parliamentary left-wing parties, with HRK 88,500.

Economist Dean Kovač, supported by the Croatian Social and Liberal Party (HSLS), has reported the current costs of 37,500 kuna.

Independent candidate Ivan Pernar, a former prominent member of the Živi Zid anti-establishment party, has reported the outlays for the campaigning in the amount of 21,000 kuna.

Dalija Orešković, a lawyer and a former head of the Conflict of Interest Commission, has spent 12,700 kuna and Anto Đapić of the DESNO party a mere 2,500 kuna.

Two candidates – Mislav Kolakušić and Nedjeljko Babić – have informed the DIP that they spent no kuna on campaigning.

Kolakušić, a Croatian member of the European Parliament and a former judge, said last week that he had no donations and that he spent a mere 12 kuna (1.6 euro) for the costs of the banking and payment transfer services.


The highest amount of donations was collected by the team of Grabar-Kitarović (1.5 million kuna).

Milanović's campaign team has collected to date 700,000 from donors.

Škoro's donations have stood at 338,000 kuna.

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