Opposition: Presidential Vote Watershed Between Civic, Far-Right Croatia

By 13 December 2019

ZAGREB, December 13, 2019 - The leaders of the opposition parties which support presidential candidate Zoran Milanović said on Friday the December 22 presidential election would be a watershed as citizens would choose between a normal and civic Croatia and a far-right and populist Croatia.

Speaking at a press conference, Social Democratic Party president Davor Bernardić said voters would be choosing between a normal and an abnormal Croatia. He called out those in power for failing to resolve citizens' key problems.

"The standard is falling, the costs of living are rising, salaries are not rising, pensions are paltry, waiting lists are longer and longer and debts higher and higher in the health sector, which is about to collapse. Injustice is at every turn, the county is burdened by never bigger corruption," he said, adding that over a million Croatians lived on the brink of poverty.

Bernardić said over 150,000 working-age Croatians had left the country during the incumbent government's turn, and reiterated that the education reform boiled down to the procurement of cheap tablets.

Croatian Peasant Party president Krešo Beljak said half a million people had left the country, 90% of whom were not voters of the ruling HDZ. He called on citizens to "be the light at the end of this lost year" on December 22 and show that Croatia could have a future and that next year could be much brighter.

At the press conference, the leaders of the Democrats, GLAS, the Istrian Democratic Assembly, the Croatian Pensioners Party, the Croatian Labour Party and independent MP Bojan Glavašević also urged citizens to vote for Milanović.

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