Final Verdict Delivered in Case of Businessman Tomislav Horvatinčić

By 4 December 2019

ZAGREB, December 4, 2019 - The County Court in the coastal city of Zadar has handed down a final verdict in the case of businessman Tomislav Horvatinčić, charged with causing a maritime accident in which an Italian couple were killed in August 2011.

The court, however, would not confirm media reports that the trial court's conviction of four years and ten months in prison has been upheld.

"The ruling was made on Monday, and on Tuesday it was dispatched to the Municipal Court in Šibenik which delivered the first-instance ruling. That's all I can confirm," Zadar County Court spokesman Hrvoje Visković told Hina on Wednesday.

The Šibenik Municipal Court has not yet formally received the ruling.

The Novi List newspaper said on its front page on Wednesday that the Zadar court had upheld the prison sentence of four years and ten months for Horvatinčić.

Three trials were held against the 77-year-old businessman on the charge that he had run his yacht into the sailing boat of the Italian couple Salpietro and killed them. The third verdict, of March this year, found him guilty and sentenced him to four years and ten months in prison.

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