Misdemeanour Fines for Wearing Balaclavas at Sports Events

By 29 November 2019

ZAGREB, November 9, 2019 - Wearing balaclavas to hide one's identity at sport events will in future be treated as a misdemeanour, according to a bill on the prevention of rioting at sports events that the government sent to parliament for consideration on Thursday.

Fines for wearing apparel to hide one's identity have drawn public interest and it is important to note that spectators will not be punished for wearing fan memorabilia like shawls and hats but only for wearing specific items intended to hide one's identity. Balaclavas make it difficult for the police to identify perpetrators and unlawful conduct at sports events, Interior Minister Davor Božinović said, presenting the bill at a cabinet meeting.

The government today also sent parliament a bill on the Centre for Special Custody which regulates the status of the centre as a public institution authorised to represent children and adults in court proceedings and before other institutions.

The establishment of the centre is regulated by the Family Act and the government now proposes that it be regulated by a separate law.

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