Škoro: Incumbent Authorities Intensify Fear in Country

By 26 November 2019

ZAGREB, November 26, 2019 - Presidential hopeful Miroslav Škoro on Tuesday agreed with school unions who consider that police checking lists of protesters represented intimidation of the strikers and that this shows that the government is intensifying fear in the country.

"It seems to me that some sort of fear has gripped our country, a fear intensified by the incumbent authorities' moves. You saw yesterday that they were counting, noting down and trying to see who was attending the teachers' protest. I'm convinced that we will soon be in a position to change that and that things like that will not occur again," Škoro said while meeting with residents in the coastal town of Trogir.

His campaign headquarters said that Škoro's response to criticism that his messages show that he does not understand how the state and system functions, is that it is time for "those clerks to realise that the people wants change."

"Clerks cannot determine how someone will live in this country or what they will do. The people will decide that in elections and very soon," Škoro said.

He said that the collection of signatures to support his candidacy was going very well and that on the first day the necessary 10,000 signatures had been collected.

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