VIDEO: Croatian Teachers Continue to Strike for Their Rights

By 26 November 2019

November the 26th, 2019 - As you'll no doubt have heard by now, Croatian teachers are on strike. There were some incredible scenes yesterday as Zagreb's main square became thronged with Croatian teachers striking and protesting for their rights.

If you're still unsure exactly why Croatian teachers are currently striking, feel free to read our article on the precise reasons as to why education system employees have felt the need to take to the streets. 

One man, Marin Miletic, has uploaded a powerful video on his YouTube channel which describes, films, and follows the striking Croatian teachers. The description reads as follows: 

''They tried to divide and intimidate us - they failed. The teachers stood up loud for a fairer system, for fair wages for workers, for our retirees... for a society where citizens will want to stay and live in, and not to flee from our Croatia.

We have been supported by many brave people, ots of different unions, individuals all united for - a better society, a better education system.

I see that some individuals are very annoyed by the fact that I've been chosen to speak as a religious teacher. It damages their exclusivity and lack of libertarian thought. I'm primarily a human being, then a religious teacher who has shared this chamber with his colleagues for fourteen years. My teachers are my legitimacy. My atheist and agnostic colleagues, members of other religions who voted 100 percent in a secret ballot for me to be their union leader. They're my legitimacy. Lucky for them, they're not as narrow-minded as some individuals are, lucky for me is the fact that they can see that we have existential battles in common and that we can do so much more when we stick together.

I have only one Master. the one in Heaven. Jesus. And everywhere else - my heart, my conscience, and I'd never overlook that for anything, no matter the cost. How many masters do those who spit on me now have? I don't know. May God bless them.

I don't have time. Life is short. You need to create, you need to work, you need to live.''

If you understand Croatian, watch Marin's video ''Croatia will remember the 25th of November'' below:

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