Milanović Stops Collecting Signatures after Surpassing Required Number

By 25 November 2019

ZAGREB, November 25, 2019 - After the leader of the Reformists party, Radimir Čačić, presented signatures collected in support of Zoran Milanović's candidacy in the presidential election, Milanović's campaign headquarters decided to cease collecting signatures as it had more than necessary.

The signatures collected will be submitted to the State Electoral Commission (DIP) tomorrow already it was said.

Čačić said that they had collected 7,554 signatures and that they had planned to collect 20,000 to support Milanović who is being backed by 13 centre left parties.

On 16 November, Čačić said that as "a sign of the party's strength and the party's support," the Reformists would collect 20,000 signatures for Milanovic, 10,000 more than he is required to submit for his presidency bid.

Čačić today "accused" Orsat Miljenić, who is running Milanovic's campaign, for the smaller number of signatures collected because Miljenić decided that instead of collecting signatures for 12 days as prescribed by the electoral law, signatures were collected for only two and a half days.

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