Independent MP Zlatko Hasanbegović Founds New Political Party

By 10 November 2019

ZAGREB, November 10, 2019 - Zlatko Hasanbegović, an independent member of the Croatian Parliament, in Zagreb on Saturday founded a new political party, called the Bloc for Croatia, saying that the party would initiate creation of a firm bloc without which it would not be possible to form a new government after the next parliamentary election.

Addressing about 100 participants at the founding meeting of the new party, Hasanbegović said that the foundation of the Bloc for Croatia was an epilogue to the events of July this year when the Independents for Croatia party, of which he was the political secretary, split.

The split was caused by two electoral conventions held simultaneously, one in Zagreb led by Hasanbegović and the other in Zadar led by the president of the Independents for Croatia, Bruna Esih, who was re-elected the leader.

"The Ministry of Public Administration, ignoring the time limits set by the law, refuses to state its opinion on the legality of the so-called Zadar convention. The Bloc for Croatia is the new name of the old political platform that I advocated," Hasanbegović said.

He said that he was supported by four-fifths of the members of the Independents for Croatia, "including those who breathed intellectual, political and doctrinal substance into the Independents for Croatia."

Speaking of the Bloc's political platform, Hasanbegović said that the party would initiate creation of a firm pre-election bloc that would bring together political parties and individuals with similar "national, sovereigntist and freedom-loving views."

"I am certain that this bloc will achieve such a result at the next parliamentary election that without it, it will not be possible to form a new government," Hasanbegović said.

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