GLAS Calls for Sorting Out Land Registers, Upgrading Rail Network

By 20 September 2019

ZAGREB, September 20, 2019 - The opposition GLAS party said on Friday it would propose the establishment of an agency to join land and cadastral registers and called for using EU funds to upgrade the country's railway network.

Addressing a news conference in the parliament, GLAS leader Anka Mrak Taritaš warned that land registers were in disarray and that of 3,351 cadastral communities, only 173 or 5% had been sorted out as well as that if the current rate of sorting out cadastres was maintained, it would take 150 years to sort them out.

GLAS therefore proposes that an agency be established to do that job, Mrak Taritaš told reporters.

The state has the duty to solve that problem and until that is done, investors will avoid Croatia and its citizens will not trust it either, she said, adding that her party would put forward a bill showing that that was possible.

Commenting on protests against climate change to take place in a few Croatian cities later in the day, Mrak Taritaš sad that countries had serious policies on climate change, noting that German Chancellor Angela Merkel had announced that sizeable funds would be set aside for that purpose.

In Croatia, we act as if that problem did not exist, she said.

GLAS MP Nada Turina Đurić warned that the rail network was in poor condition and that a train ride from Zagreb to the northern Adriatic port city of Rijeka today lasted four hours, whereas some 30 years ago it took three and a half hours.

She recalled member of the European Parliament Jozo Radoš's amendment in which he stressed the need to seek funds from the EU for the modernisation of the regional rail network.

That should have been the basis for launching talks with Slovenia on the modernisation of the rail network to connect the port of Rijeka and the Slovenian Adriatic coast, however, everything was put on hold due to the border dispute between the two countries, she said.

Both countries would benefit from a possible agreement, as would Central European countries, she said.

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