Presidential Hopeful Škoro Says He Wouldn't Raise Issue of Ban on SDSS Now

By 15 September 2019

ZAGREB, September 15, 2019 - Presidential candidate Miroslav Škoro has told the HTV broadcaster that if he were now the head of state, he would not have launch the procedure for possible ban on the Independent Democratic Serb Party (SDSS).

Škoro said in a political show of the national television on Sunday that he felt disturbed by claims made by the SDSS leader Milorad Pupovac that "all of us are living in a state that resembles or will end up like a Fascist statelet in 1945".

"This makes me concerned. If this is really true, I do not want to live in such country. On the other hand, if it is not true, what is the purpose of it (those claims). Can you find this to be destabilisation or an attempt of destablisation," Škoro said in response to the show host's question about his earlier statement that after becoming the president he would launch procedures for ban on certain political parties if conditions were met for that move.

Škoro today criticised Pupovac's political activities, however, he made it clear that under the present circumstances he would not raise the issue of the ban of that political party, if he were now the president.

He criticised Pupovac for going to Serbia to hear their advice how to shape his opinions while Croatia "celebrates the anniversaries of Operation Storm and Victory Day."

In this context, Škoro also dismissed the attempts by Pupovac and Belgrade to depict "the planned exodus" and "that unfortunate departure of Serbs from Croatia" in the wake of Operation Storm as something to be blamed on Croatia and the Croats in their attempt "to brand all of us as some kind of Fascists".

This is awful for me, said Škoro adding that he considers Pupovac's policy also bad for the Serb community in Croatia.

Škoro said that he was now focused on the campaigning for the presidential elections and did not rule out his political activities also after the presidential election in the event that he did not win the polls.

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