6500 Police Officers Protecting Croatian Borders against Illegal Migration

By 24 April 2019

ZAGREB, April 24, 2019 - Prime Minister Andrej Plenković said on Wednesday that 6,500 Croatian police officers have been deployed along the border to prevent illegal migration, adding that the police know very well where and how to respond to safeguard Croatia against illegal migration.

"Our migration policy, including towards Bosnia and Herzegovina, is based on cooperation between states and police. It is ongoing on a daily basis and is producing key results, preventing illegal migration," Plenković said during Question Time in Parliament, responding to a question from Bruna Esih (Independents for Croatia) about a migrant centre which Bosnia and Herzegovina plans to open near the border with Croatia and what Croatia should do to reduce the migrant pressure on its border.

The PM said that an increasing number of migrants were arriving in Bosnia and Herzegovina using the Eastern Mediterranean and Western Balkan routes, and that Croatia was adhering to the Schengen membership criteria and absorbing large amounts of EU funding to increase its ability to control illegal migration.

He recalled that Croatia had used 120 million euro in EU funds to strengthen the EU's external border, and that a Frontex aircraft, which is based at Zadar, monitored the entire region of Southeast Europe for illegal migration.

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