Over 100 Illegal Migrants Enter Slovenia from Croatia

By 24 April 2019

ZAGREB, April 24, 2019 - In the last five days, 111 illegal migrants have been detained in Slovenia after illegally entering the country from Croatia, Slovenian police said on Tuesday.

Thirty migrants have been returned to Croatia as part of the readmission process, 12 have applied for asylum in Slovenia, while procedures for the rest have not been completed yet.

Most of the migrants were caught in areas covered by the police departments of Novo Mesto, Celje and Koper.

Among 67 foreign nationals who crossed the border illegally at Novo Mesto, 25 were from Morocco, 11 from Algeria and 11 from Bangladesh.

A 37-year-old man, resident in Great Britain, was arrested at Novo Mesto on Monday for driving four illegal migrants from Egypt in a car with Slovenian licence plates. The driver will be prosecuted, while the four migrants have been returned to Croatia.

In and around the coastal city of Koper, 37 illegal migrants have been detained, 24 of whom have been sent back to Croatia, while the rest have applied for international protection. They are nationals of Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Kosovo, Bangladesh, India, Albania and Libya.

Police in Celje on Saturday detained three Kosovo nationals after discovering they had entered the border illegally from Croatia. They have been handed over to Croatian police.

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