Conflict of Interest Proceedings Launched against Žalac, Marić

By 25 March 2019

ZAGREB, March 25, 2019 - The parliamentary Conflict of Interest Commission has decided to launch proceedings against Regional Development and EU Funds Minister Gabrijela Žalac and Finance Minister Zdravko Marić in cases involving a luxury Mercedes, a Croatian Reconstruction and Development Bank (HBOR) loan, and tickets for a Croatia-England World Cup match in Russia, Commission chair Nataša Novaković said after a meeting of the Commission on Monday.

"In the case involving Žalac, the Commission will see if there is a connection between the official's personal relationship with Šibenik businessman Josip Stojanović Jolly and the awarding of an HBOR loan to the businessman's company, the purchase of buses for the public transportation company in Split from the businessman's company, and the lease of a Mercedes car to members of the official's immediate family," Novaković said, adding that the Commission would determine if there had been any mutual favouring.

As for Minister Marić, she said, the Commission will determine the connection between the minister's personal relationship with businessman Stojanović and the awarding of an HBOR loan to Stojanović's company and the minister's travel to Russia.

"We will determine who paid for the tickets for the said game," she said.

As for Velika Gorica Mayor Dražen Barišić of the HDZ party, the Commission will inspect his declaration of assets in the part that refers to his salary and car.

Asked by reporters about officials' obligations with regard to car lease, Novaković said that officials were obliged to state car lease in their declaration of assets but that they did not have that obligation in the case of a short-term, month-long lease.

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