Women's NGOs Want Open Borders to Refugees

By 20 March 2019

ZAGREB, March 20, 2019 - On the occasion of International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, marked on March 21, several women’s NGOs, including the ROSA Centre of Women War Victims, the Belgrade-based Women in Black NGO, the Women's Network Croatia and the Rog Social Centre from Slovenia, have called on EU member states to open their borders and take in refugees/migrants who are fleeing war and seeking to save themselves and their families.

"We are asking Croatia to treat refugees/migrants humanly, to make their stay in the country easier, to grant international protection based on laws and not political stances, to apply regulations on special guarantees to the most vulnerable groups, to stop police pressure and torture of refugees/migrants and those who are helping them, to enable everyone who wishes free passage to pass freely and anyone wishing to stay, to do so," the NGOs said in a press release.

The women's groups recalled that they too were refugees and could again become that if the erosion of humanity and tolerance of violence against refugees/migrants continues.

The increased wave of refugees/migrants in Europe, which has been going on for four years, has shown that many countries and individuals have failed the test of humanity and solidarity.

"Wire fences, walls and hate speech and violence against refugees have become Europe's symbols. Growing hate, racism and far-right movements are the current state of affairs," the NGOs warned.

"We most sharply condemn the behaviour toward refugees/migrants at the borders across the EU, where they are exposed to terror, where their right to freedom is violated and they are not offered protection that all countries are obliged to provide according to international agreements and domestic laws.

"We expect EU countries to open their borders and accept refugees/migrants, who are running away from war and seeking salvation for themselves and their families and a peaceful and safe life worthy of man," the press release said.

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