US Secretary of State Meets with Croatian Troops in Poland

By 14 February 2019

ZAGREB, Feb 14 (Hina) - NATO is fully committed to preserving Europe's peace and stability and maintaining its freedom, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in a training area in Poland, thanking the NATO, including the Croatian troops in Poland, for their contribution to the alliance's activities, the Croatian Defence Ministry said on Thursday.

Pompeo on Wednesday visited NATO troops in the Bemowo Piskie training area who are taking part in NATO's Enhanced Forward Presence operation as part of the Battle Group Poland.

Among them are members of the Croatian Army, whom the US official thanked, as he did US, British and Romanian soldiers, for their engagement and contribution to security, the ministry said.

The coming celebration of NATO's 70th anniversary will be an opportunity to pay tribute to all those who laid its foundations and defined its main goals, which is that war horrors never happen again in this part of the world, Pompeo said.

He also attended a display of Polish and BGP tactical and technical military equipment, at which Croatian troops presented the Croatian-made M-92 VULKAN self-propelled multiple rocket launcher.

US and Polish officials also attended a live fire exercise, which also involved Croatian troops.

The Croatian troops in the northeast of Poland are taking part in NATO activities designed to accomplish and maintain readiness and support the strengthening of NATO and its member-countries' security.

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