Prehistory Adventure Virtual Tour Presented in Zagreb

By 14 January 2019

ZAGREB, January 14, 2019 - An EU-funded project on experiential tour of prehistoric heritage in Croatian and Slovenian border areas was presented in Zagreb's Archaeological Museum on Monday. The total amount set aside for the "Prehistory Adventure" project within the Croatia-Slovenia cross-border cooperation programme Interreg V-A 2014-2020 is 720,290 euro.

The project will be conducted by the Croatian municipality of Donja Voća and the neighbouring Slovenian municipalities of Zreče and Radenci, as well as by several museums in Croatia and Slovenia.

The two-year project was launched in November 2018. It focuses on five different sectors, and will be conducted with the assistance of applications and smart boards and through a series of events, including workshops and exhibition.

Prehistoric heritage will be given tourist-friendly and comprehensive promotion.

The project will seek to present the everyday life of prehistoric people in an interesting way.

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