Fortress Europe: Video Interviews with Croatian Police, NGOs, Migrants

By 21 November 2018

There have been several allegations of Croatian police brutality against migrants attempting to enter Croatia from Bosnia and Hercegovina in recent weeks. Redfish media interviews the Croatian police, migrants and NGOs in an on-site documentary, released on November 18, 2018.

The recent report by The Guardian alleging Croatian police brutality against migrants on the border with Bosnia and Hercegovina (you can read more about that and the police response here) brought the issue of migrants trying to enter the EU into the international spotlight. A second, more detailed look at what is happening on the ground has been released by redfish media, a documentary report which talks to all sides of the problem - migrants, NGOs and the Croatian police, as well as asking if the tactics allegedly being used on this EU border are part of an agreed policy by the EU. redfish introduces the video, as follows:

"Everyone seems to have forgotten that refugees are still trying to find a safe home in Europe. Its borders are heavily fortified, and even when refugees manage to get in, more and more people are reporting that European border police are torturing, beating and illegally deporting refugees back out of the European Union. Meanwhile, the mainstream media and politicians deflect attention to "problems" caused by refugees inside the borders of the EU..

"redfish travelled to the border between Bosnia and Croatia to meet those victims of Fortress Europe for whom nobody seems to speak up anymore."

About redfish:

We started redfish to create a platform for the people who are at the heart of their own stories and to acknowledge that those stories are always part of a big picture which connects us all. - Visit the redfish website to learn more.

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