“Croatian Police Capable of Handling Migrant Pressure”

By 30 August 2018

ZAGREB, August 30, 2018 - Minister of the Interior Davor Božinović has said that the increase in the number of migrants on Croatia's borders is not worrying because Croatia has one of the most capable border police forces in Europe which knows how to handle crisis situations.

"We have 6,500 top professionals who know how to deal with crisis situations and challenges they encounter on a daily basis," Božinović said on Twitter.

In an interview with RTL television earlier in the day, the minister said the number of migrants on the border had increased but the situation was under control.

He dismissed claims about police brutality and police taking migrants' mobile phones, noting that police worked in line with the law.

The minister said that the rate of discovery of people smuggling cases this year had gone up by 71% compared to last year.

Božinović also said that owing to its strong border police, Croatia was not considering putting up a razor wire fence on its borders, which is what Slovenia has done.