TV Satirist Receives Death Threat

By 17 August 2018

ZAGREB, August 18, 2018 - Domagoj Zovak, satirist and editor of the satirical TV Show "News Bar Prime Time", has received a death threat via Facebook and reported them, police said on Friday.

Zovak received the death threat after the latest episode of the show, which dealt with last week's anniversary of the 1995 military Operation Storm. The threat came from a Facebook profile from which he has already received insults.

"You will get it in the back of the head too, I swear," said the threat from a man who also sent Zovko the timetable of a bus line Zovko regularly uses to visit his family.

Speaking on N1 television, Zovko said it was great that Croatia had made it so far as a society that it was normal, when someone does not like what they see on TV, instead of switching the channel, to make threats against the author of the programme in question.

"One had to make it this far. But you have war veterans cancelling concerts of undesirable singers, then State Prosecutor's Office doesn't prosecute those who make threats because they were drunk and are war veterans, then the president says threats are merely expressions of dissatisfaction, and finally we get to making death threats this easily. I have now reported this," Zovak said.