Slovenia Warns Croatia to Better Protect Border from Illegal Migrants

By 31 July 2018

ZAGREB, July 31, 2018 - During a regular patrol on Monday along the border with Croatia, Slovenian police discovered around Črnomelj near Koper 22 illegal migrants of various nationalities from Africa and the Middle East, Slovenia's police reported on Tuesday.

Eight are from Pakistan, eight from Morocco, three from Iran, two from Afghanistan and one from Iraq.

Slovenia's police reported that most of the illegal entries into that country are occurring around Črnomelj.

In a statement to the national broadcaster on Monday, the state secretary in Slovenia's interior ministry Boštjan Šefic, said that Croatia should better guard its border toward neighbouring countries so that migrants don't manage to make it to Slovenia because it has the obligation of protecting the EU external borders.

Šefic claimed that about a thousand migrants are caught each month and that Slovenia will soon be forced to adopt certain measures that won't be easy for Slovenia either but, considering such developments, they will be essential.