Croatia to Pay 31 Million Kuna for NATO Membership This Year

By 26 July 2018

ZAGREB, July 26, 2018 - Croatia will pay slightly over 31 million kuna (4.2 million euro) for NATO membership this year, the government said on Thursday in its response to a query by MP Ivan Vilibor Sinčić who was interested in the amount of Croatia's obligations toward NATO and where these funds are noted in the budget.

The government said that the amount is determined on a par with the economic strength of an individual country which is usually determined as a share of Gross Domestic Product or Gross National Income and is calculated each year.

This year that amount is 31,098,656.56 kuna.

"The funds for NATO have been secured in the 2018 state budget in items for international membership fees for the Ministry of Defence – 24,706,206.60 kuna and the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs - 6,392,449.96 kuna”, the government said.