US Ambassador Supporting Croatia against England, Serbian President Has Other Plans

By 9 July 2018

”This does not mean there is a Cold War between the United States and England”, wrote the ambassador.

US Ambassador to Croatia Robert Kohorst has again commented on a World Cup match, saying that he would support Croatia against England in the World Cup semi-finals on Wednesday.

“My grandchildren and I are supporting Croatia in Wednesday’s game. This does not mean there is a Cold War between USA and England,” joked Kohorst on Twitter earlier today.

Before Croatia’s match against Russia in the quarterfinals, Kohorst also said he would support Croatia. His comments apparently upset the Russian Embassy in Zagreb which replied: “Will the United States perhaps pay for the LNG terminal, help Agrokor, or abolish visas for Croats?” The tweet was soon removed.

After the match, the Russian Embassy congratulated Croatian footballers on their win. “Go ahead! To the finals!” they wrote.

On the other hand, Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić apparently has other plans. Although many residents of neighbouring countries support Croatia at this World Cup, the Serbian President is not one of them. Speaking about Croatian match against Russia, he said that everyone in Serbia had the right to support whomever they want and that he had opted for Russia since there are no reasons why he would support Russia's opponents.

“I watched the match, the second half and extra time, and I supported Russia. Although some have criticized me, that is my right. Serbia is a democratic society in which everyone can support whomever they want,” said Vučić.

He added that even before the match he said that Croatia had a better team than Russia, but that he would always be on the Russian side. “If the match was played a thousand times, I would still support Russia. People who want to make themselves likable for western countries can be frustrated as much as they want,” said Vučić. He added that he even had to turn down the volume on his TV because the commentators of the match supported Croatia.

Vučić said he does not know whom he will support now that the Russians are gone. However, speaking about the upcoming match between Croatia and England, he said that England could never have even dreamt that it would have so many supporters in Serbia.