German Court Reportedly Upholds Life Imprisonment for Yugoslav Secret Service Officials

By 28 May 2018

ZAGREB, May 28, 2018 - The German supreme court in Karlsruhe has upheld life imprisonment for Yugoslav-era Croatian intelligence officials Josip Perković and Zdravko Mustać for their roles in the 1983 murder of Croatian dissident Stjepan Đureković, Hina learned unofficially from German judicial sources on Monday.

A review based on the complaints concerning evidence and due process is unfounded, the supreme court said in its ruling, handed down on May 2.

Perković's German lawyer Richard Beyer could not confirm the ruling to Hina, saying that his office had not yet received it by post.

In August 2016, a Munich court sentenced Perković and Mustać to life imprisonment finding them responsible for the murder of Đureković. Đureković was murdered by still unidentified perpetrators in Wolfratshausen, outside Munich, in July 1983.

It was proved during the trial that Perković and Mustać, senior officials of the Yugoslav secret service, had organised Đureković's assassination.