Third Largest Party Opts for Massive Strawberry Purchase

By 22 May 2018

ZAGREB, May 22, 2018) - The Živi Zid parliamentary party said on Tuesday that it would purchase from domestic strawberry growers a certain quantity of strawberries at a price to be determined by growers and distribute those strawberries to Croatian households and schools.

"Even if someone considers this move to be populism, we believe that in this specific case no one would have anything against the populist purchase and distribution of strawberries," said the party, inviting other parties to join in its drive.

Its move came in response to a protest held by strawberry growers in Zagreb on Monday. The protesters complained about retail chains selling cheaper, imported strawberries and about the shortage of workers, notably strawberry pickers. They said that the current price of about 24 kuna (EUR 3.25) for a kilogram of strawberries was the lowest possible at the moment, but that it could go down in the coming weeks of the strawberry season.

According to the polls, Živi Zid is the third most popular political party in Croatia.