Serbian President: Serbs and Croats Will Have Much Better Relations

By 13 May 2018

ZAGREB, May 13, 2018 - Serbian president Aleksandar Vučić said on Sunday, commenting on a commemoration in Bleiburg for the Croat victims of the killings after the World War II, that this rally was neither first nor the last one, but that people in Serbia do not understand it, adding at the same time that Serbs and Croats would have much better relations in the future.

"Neither the first, not the last one... Every year they will be gathering in Bleiburg. They are proud of it and we do not understand it," Vučić told the press in Belgrade. He said that "only by joining forces we can survive and remain, although this is difficult to hear for many Croats, and for some Serbs it is even more difficult."

Warning about the global changes, Vučić said that "things and circumstance in the world are changing."

"Some do not understand that Serbs and Croats will live in much better relations, although some want quite the opposite," Vučić said, reiterating his recent statement that both Serbs and Croats are small peoples and are disappearing. Vučić added that he advocated for a macroeconomic union in the region.