“Election Law Referendum Is Xenophobic”

By 10 May 2018

ZAGREB, May 10, 2018 - Deputy Parliament Speaker and Italian minority representative Furio Radin on Thursday called a referendum initiative to change the election system as "xenophobia and resistance to all those who don't meet the national standard and are different."

He said it was a great pleasure to hear that "all those who think soundly politically and humanistically are against that referendum."

Speaking in parliament on behalf of the ethnic minorities group, Radin said he was outraged and protested against The People Decide initiative which will soon start collecting signatures for reducing the rights of ethnic minorities.

"I wish to thank all those who have already spoken against and distanced themselves from such an initiative and who have expressed concern about the revocation of ethnic minority rights."

He said the referendum was confused and aimed at depriving ethnic minorities of the right to decide on the government and the national budget. "This means parliament would have members of the first and second or third category."