Croatian Military Equipment Stars at Russia’s Victory Day Parade

By 10 May 2018

Croatia had its representative among all the Russian-produced weaponry.

The Victory against Fascism Day was traditionally marked on Wednesday in Russia by a military parade held at the Red Square in Moscow, which for the first time featured the Uran-6 demining robot, produced by Russian companies under a license from the Croatian company Dok-ing, reports tportal.hr on May 10, 2018.

In the presence of Russian President Vladimir Putin and his guests, Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the Russian military arsenal was presented, including the latest weaponry – Uran 9 remote control tank, various types of combat drones, MiG-31 interceptors armed with the latest supersonic missiles, but also the Croatian MV-4 demining robot, developed by the Dok-ing company from Sisak, which is, based on a Croatian license, produced in Russia under the name Uran-6.

The MV-4 demining robot has become a global brand and has been exported to 24 countries. It is used by US Marine Corps and many other military formations and is one of the best robotized demining systems in the world.

Its robust, low-profile structure makes it resistant to the explosion of anti-personnel mines and improvised explosive devices. The powerful propulsion system provides the vehicle with exceptional maneuverability and safety for its operators, as it can be operated via remote control over distances longer than 1,500 meters.

The equipment is protected with HARDOX steel plates, which have achieved excellent protective results even during anti-tank mine tests.

A set of special tools has been designed for the robot which enable demining on virtually all kinds of terrain. Due to its low weight of just five tons and small dimensions, the transport at greater distances is possible with all the standard means, including by hoisting the robot to a helicopter.

Translated from tportal.hr.