Todorić: ''Croatia Is Managed By Plenković's Secret Society, Not The Government''

More allegations from Agrokor's disgraced former boss.

They say that bad things often tend to come in threes, and in the wake of his pending extradition, the court finding Lex Agrokor to be constitutional, and the acceptance that the Croatian Government's entrance into the management of the Agrokor Group was justified, Ivica Todorić must be feeling the sting a bit at this point.

In this, the latest of this posts from his infamous blog, the ex Agrokor boss insinuates that the elite members of Andrej Plenković's ''secret society'' are the real ones governing the country, and not the Croatian Government itself.

We bring you Ivica Todorić's latest blog post translated in full into English below:


''I've written several times about the incredible connection between Wagner, [Andrej] Plenković, [Ante] Ramljak, and [Martina] Dalić. In the following text, I'll refer to them as the "society"!

None of them can get out of the circle, Wagner's the boss of everything, and the others appear in public when needed. If necessary, protecting the interests of the society and Wagner, unbelievably, is Plenković. The premier of a modern, democratic, legal state, works, when necessary, for the private interests of the society. Humiliating for the state and all of its inhabitants. But the interest is, obviously, too big.

We all saw the performance with Ramljak, Plenković protected him down to his last atom of power. Why? Does he know something he can't publicise? Of course he does, he knows everything I've been talking about [warning] for months, and in a precise manner.

When the "society" realised that Ramljak was no longer worth bothering defending, they couldn't hide the fact that they didn't want to, or, more precisely, they couldn't just let anybody into the society. What could be discovered (found out, seen)?

Obviously a small circle of people in the society knows everything. Alix Partners, [Tin] Dolički are all still there - and they know a lot.

Roll-ups (guarantees for this immoral and unnecessary credit in Hong Kong) and control over the rest of Agrokor's "off-the-shelf" companies can't be dropped from their hands and this is being controlled by Wagner. And there is still much to be settled there [with them], and soon that will all come out.

And because of all this, the "society" has prepared well and has set out its priorities according to the established and carefully planned work flow.

The first priority and the main goal is to keep hold of the roll-up (loan), to bring it to its full realisation, so that they money makes it to the bank accounts registered abroad. It's equally important that they save Knighthead (Fund) in order for it to remain the liquidator manager of Agrokor, the owner of everything that doesn't belong to Russian investors.

The order of Wagner is to prepare everything, everyone to action! - PwC, Knighthead, Peruško, Bošnjak, make write offs to corporations, make the capital worthless, liquidate companies, and write off all the investors. Everything needs to be ready for the big deal, the final filling of accounts registered abroad with huge amounts of cash. The settlement [to creditors] and everything that goes with it are just tools, they'll pay as much as is needed and what is needed, they've got Agrokor's money, and that's how they'll write off the investors. They don't care about accusations, about arrests, about Todorić, that's all just a burden to them, they need to create chaos.

What to say about all this? Where did this great love of the "society" come from? Maybe we should make a bet?!

Anyway, day after day, there are so many illegal actions [taking place], the incredible society we live in. Man becomes weak.

For days, I've been talking about how Agrokor's Extraordinary Administration fails to comply with the law, it doesn't report financial reports, figures, it creates counterfeit financial reports... It hasn't yet submitted its financial statements to FINA, leaving room for them to agree that they'll do it how they want it, billions up, billions down. All of this is happening in public, they write in their reports how the roll-up (loan) will pay off, and there are barely any financial statements on how business is doing.

What are the institutions of the Croatian state, DORH, the police, doing? Everything points to the fact that the "society" is using them to accomplish their goals, just like with the Constitutional Court yesterday. I'll reveal everything over the coming days and you'll be able to see all of the see huge damage that's been done to all of the stakeholders in Agrokor and in Croatia.

I'll return to Ramljak and his firm bond with the "society." He's withdrawn, but Plenković has now approved the continuation of his advisory contracts and continues to pay him a huge fee. Not only Ramljak's company, but all the others Ramljak brought [into the story] too.

Now, it's not enough to pay huge fees, but, just as much as Agrokor and its administration. Plenković's partners, Ramljak and others, namely Alter, TexoMenadment, Laco-Colić, didn't submit their financial reports to FINA-HRV, probably because they're hiding information on huge profits.

As the president of the Constitutional Court says, in every state that is social and where the rule of law is above all, the prime minister should resign!

The FINA reports were submitted by Dolički, but due to "data processing" there's no information available. However, his money is safe abroad, in any case.''


Ivica Todoric's blog post translated in full from ivicatodoric.hr