New Vocational Education System Coming

By 2 May 2018

ZAGREB, May 2, 2018 - The Ministry of Science and Education, in cooperation with other relevant institutions, is offering a quality change to vocational education at the national level and in a few years time a complete change of that system can be expected, Assistant Minister Vlado Prskalo said in Rijeka on Wednesday.

The changes are related to the introduction of competency centres organised by region. A tender for the development of those centres is expected this month and construction should begin in September this year.

The first phase will promote five sub-sectors - agriculture, health, electrical engineering, IT technology and mechanical engineering - with about 130 million euro available, for which schools can apply with quality projects related to the economy and with the strong support of founders, and they could get that money this year, Prskalo said.

Dual vocational education is already being offered, with students educated to work at certain employers and in the fourth year they are hired, Prskalo said.

He added that over the past 25 years trust between schools and businesses had deteriorated and that it has to be reinstated, which "can't happen overnight."