Zagreb City Assembly Rejects Mayor’s Waste Management Plan

By 27 April 2018

ZAGREB, April 27, 2018 - A waste management plan put to the Zagreb City Assembly by Mayor Milan Bandić on Thursday was not adopted as a majority of members voted against the proposed plan, with 15 votes in favour, 25 against and 7 abstentions.

About a hundred citizens and NGOs held a protest rally outside the Zagreb City Council on Thursday to voice their opposition against the proposed waste management plan.

Marko Košak of the Green Action told reporters that they objected to the proposed plan because it would not be sufficient to advance the existing waste management system. "More than a billion kuna is being invested in processing waste instead of in recycling it," Košak underscored.

He said that the plan was obviously Mayor Milan Bandić's doing and that it was not in the public interest and was detrimental to environmental protection in Zagreb.