Status of People with Disabilities in Focus

By 18 April 2018

ZAGREB, April 18, 2018 - Ljubica Lukačić of the Health and Social Policy Commitee and Milorad Pupovac and Bojan Glavašević of the Human Rights Committee on Tuesday held two working meetings with representatives of Human Rights Watch (HRW), the Croatian parliament said in a press release.

The meetings focused on promoting, exercising and improving the rights of people with disabilities, in line with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

The participants underscored that Croatia was among the first countries to ratify the Convention on 1 June 2007, thus confirming that its society and institutions are committed to the realisation of all fundamental human rights of persons with disabilities.

Lukačić said the priority was to treat people with disabilities as partners.

The HRW representatives commented on Croatia's achievements in the past period and the current processes and challenges regarding the implementation of measures aimed at deinstitutionalisation, ability to work, etc.

The Croatian officials informed the HRW representatives of the activities of the Health and Social Policy Committee and cooperation with relevant civil society organisations and ministries regarding the rights of people with disabilities.

The HRW officials praised Croatia's progress, saying it should serve as an example to the neighbouring countries.