Russian Ambassador: “Why Didn’t Western Friends Help Croatia?”

By 17 April 2018

ZAGREB, April 17, 2018 - Russian Ambassador to Croatia Anvar Azimov said on Tuesday that Russian banks came to Croatia to stabilise the situation in Agrokor and that this would affect the stability of the country and the government, wondering why Western friends and Croatia's strategic partners did not help Agrokor.

At an informal gathering in Zagreb's Cvjetni Square, held on the occasion of Croatia's participation in the World Cup in Russia, Azimov was asked about the plans the Russian banks had with Croatia's ailing food and retail conglomerate Agrokor. Azimov said Sberbank and VTB arrived in Croatia to help stabilise the situation in Agrokor.

"For no other reason. We will promote the stability of Agrokor in order to resolve the problem. For us, Agrokor's stability is of utmost importance, as it affects the stability of your country, your government," the Russian ambassador said.

"I wonder why your Western friends and strategic partners did not come and help with the Agrokor situation. Russia is a reliable friend and Russia has once again proved itself to be a reliable friend of Croatia," Azimov said.

In the new company, which is expected to be formed following a settlement deal with creditors, Sberbank will hold approximately 30% of the ownership share.

A draft settlement deal was signed on April 10. The settlement deal is expected to be signed by 10 July.