PM Orešković Meets with Veterans Groups

By 4 March 2016

Veterans groups representatives meet with the new government

Croatian Prime Minister Tihomir Orešković met with the representatives of veterans' associations on MArch 4, 2016. The meeting was attended by Deputy Prime Ministers Božo Petrov and Tomislav Karamarko as well. The Prime Minister invited the veterans' associations to propose their own candidate for Veterans Minister, reports tportal.hr.

"The issue of the Veterans Affairs Minister was the main topic today. After I return from Brussels on Monday, that will be one of the priorities for the next week. I have not talked with Milijan Brkić, he is a candidate. If there are any other candidates, their names are also on the table. Next week, I will meet with Brkić and other candidates", said Orešković. Asked who the other candidates were, he said that, if the veterans' associations suggested someone else, they would get their chance. "We will select the best person for this ministry", said Orešković.

Asked what he thought about recent recommendations issued by the European Commission that veterans' rights should be reduced, Orešković said he had learned about it from newspapers. "For the first time today I read about it in the newspapers and I will give a statement about that next week, when I see all the details", said Orešković.

Đuro Glogoški, one of the leaders of veterans' protests, said that Brkić was an acceptable candidate for them because he himself is a veteran and knows their problems, but that the political factors will have the final say. He expressed his willingness to cooperate with the government.