Cross-Carrying Protester to Arrive in Zagreb on Thursday

By 4 April 2018

Saša Pavlić is protesting against government’s spending priorities.

Saša Pavlić, a man who is walking from Rijeka to Zagreb carrying a large cross, is expected to arrive in Zagreb on Thursday, reports Index.hr on April 4, 2018.

At about 11 am on Thursday, he will arrive in front of the government’s building on Mark's Square and convey his message: it is crazy that severely ill children cannot receive their medications for months, while in the meantime the government decides to spend three billion of taxpayers’ kuna on old military fighter jets.

At the entrance to the city, Saša will be joined by his supporters from Rijeka. His fellow citizens will gather today afternoon in Rijeka. They plan to come to Zagreb in cars and join Saša for part of the journey. The caravan is organised by a citizens’ initiative which wants to show its support for Pavlić.

“After gathering, we will head for Zagreb, where we will find Saša and carry the cross instead of him. Those who can and have enough time can join us. We would like for as many citizens of Rijeka to join us as possible, instead of just liking his initiative on Facebook. We will walk along with Saša, in silence, without banners and noise,” says the group.

On Monday, Saša was joined by activist Marin Miočić Stošić, and yesterday he was accompanied by Martin Rekov from Zagreb. During the long walk, Saša has injured his foot but has decided to continue.

Pavlić said that bearing a cross from Rijeka to Zagreb was his way to send a message. His final destination is St. Mark’s Square where he wants to present his message to the politicians in power, to those who have made the decision that there is enough money for aircraft, but not for ill children.

“I made my decision after opening a daily newspaper and reading that, on one page, the state had no money for medicines for children and would instead send some of them to clinical trials. On the other page, there was an article about three billion kuna which the state will pay for old used military airplanes. I think this should have alarmed everybody. That has forced me to do this,” said Pavlić.

Translated from index.hr.