Istanbul Convention and Curricular Reform Priorities for Junior Coalition Partner

By 17 March 2018

Croatian People's Party (HNS) leader Ivan Vrdoljak on Saturday called for accelerating the reform processes in the country, saying that this year's priorities were the ratification of the Istanbul Convention and the implementation of the curricular reform.

"All HNS lawmakers will support the ratification of the Istanbul Convention, and as for the reforms, it's time we shifted into fifth gear," Vrdoljak told a press conference in the spa town of Tuheljske Toplice, about 50 kilometres northwest of Zagreb, where the HNS convened to discuss the latest European Commission report on Croatia and define activities the party would undertake to accelerate the reforms.

Vrdoljak recalled that the HNS had unanimously supported the Istanbul Convention in 2015 as a coalition partner in the government of SDP Prime Minister Zoran Milanović, noting that the SDP thought at the time that ratification should be delayed because "the time was not right."