Serb Paramilitaries Indicted for 1990s War Crimes against Croats

By 10 March 2018

ZAGREB, March 10, 2018 - The Zagreb County Prosecutor's Office has indicted eight commanders and 14 members of Serb paramilitary units for war crimes against 20 Croatian civilians and two POWs committed in September 1991.

The prosecutor contends that the eight commanders ordered Serb paramilitaries to mistreat, beat and kill Croatian civilians, to take hostage, torture and kill POWs, to plunder civilians and demolish, as well as set fire to 59 houses and business facilities owned by Croats, as well as a church.

Some of the commanders are also accused of participating in the torture and killing, the Prosecutor's Office says on its website.

The war crimes were committed in Čojlug, Balinci and Četekovac, villages in the Slavonia region.