Damir Boras Elected for New Term as Zagreb University Rector

By 23 February 2018

ZAGREB, February 23, 2018 - Damir Boras was re-elected to a four-year term as Rector of Zagreb University in a secret ballot on Friday.

According to unofficial information, Boras won 54 votes of the 70-member University Senate, while his contender, Damir Bakić, received 15 votes.

The extraordinary meeting of the Senate at which the new rector was elected was held behind closed doors despite appeals from 21 media outlets for an open meeting because of the great interest of the academic community and the public at large.

On Thursday, students and teachers staged a protest rally against Boras's re-election, saying that his term was marked by numerous scandals, such as protection of plagiarists, lawsuits against students, uncontrolled spending, and dismissals of teachers who had criticised him.