Ceremonies Marking the 25th Anniversary of Operation Maslenica Begin in Zadar

By 20 January 2018

ZAGREB, January 20, 2018 - Ceremonies marking the 25th anniversary of Operation Maslenica started on Saturday in Zadar with the displaying of a huge Croatian flag at the Cathedral of St. Anastasia, a landmark of that Dalmatian city.

 During that operation in January 1993, Croatian forces regained control of key strategic points from Serb insurgents and reestablished transport connections between the country's north and south. The central part of Operation Maslenica began at 6 am on 22 January and about 15 villages in the Zadar hinterland were liberated in three days, as were strategic points such as Masleničko Zdrilo and Zemunik air base.

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During the peak of the operation, 19 Croatian soldiers were killed and 70 were wounded. However, by 31 March 1993 the number of Croatian fatalities rose to 127 as Serb forces fought back.

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During today's ceremonies, the Croatian Air Force aerobatic team "Wings of Storm" performed an air show in Zadar.

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The central ceremonies involving top state officials are scheduled for Monday, 22 January.