HRT Censorship Continues: Another “Controversial” Film Banned after Political Pressure

By 12 January 2018

Croatian Radio Television has removed another film from the programme.

The banning of movies which were supposed to be broadcast on Croatian Radio Television (HRT), but which are considered inappropriate by Homeland War Veterans and rightwing associations continues, reports Index.hr on January 12, 2018.

War veterans and widows of dead soldiers protested yesterday in front of the HRT building against the movie “Ministry of Love” (Ministarstvo Ljubavi), directed by Pavo Marinković, which HRT first removed from its programme, then returned it, and then moved it to a late night slot when most people are asleep. War veterans admit that Veterans’ Affairs Minister Tomo Medved tried to stop the broadcast of the movie.

The victim of the latest censorship is the film “The Constitution of the Republic of Croatia” (Ustav Republike Hrvatske), directed by Rajko Grlić, which has disappeared from the official programme this morning, although it was initially scheduled to be broadcast on 18 January, as can be seen on the HRT website.

120118 1 HRT1

“A story about four people living in the same building and keeping a distance from each other because they differ in wealth, sexual habits, nationality and religion, and would probably never talk among themselves if misfortune had not forced them to become dependent on each other. Slowly and painfully, they start to open up and recognise each other as people,” said the description of the film which has won thirty international and Croatian awards.

In Grlić's film, whose script was written by him and Ante Tomić, the main character is Vjekoslav Kralj (Nebojša Glogovac), a pro-Ustasha right-winger who hates Serbs, but is at the same time gay and like to dress as a woman.

120118 1 HRT2

Instead, HRT viewers will be able to watch an apolitical comedy by Dalibor Matanić “Masters”, about the love life of a housewife.

Index.hr has sent a request to the HRT asking why they have decided to remove a scheduled film from their programme once again, but there has been no reply so far. In the afternoon, the HRT announced there was a technical mistake which caused the film to be erased from the programme published on the website and that the movie would be broadcast as originally planned.

Translated from Index.hr.