Baranja Student Speaks: ''I'm The Only Student In The Class''

By 26 September 2017

How does it feel to be the only student in your entire class? Meet 11 year old Adrian from Baranja...

A couple of weeks ago, we introduced you to Luka, a 13 year old student from Slavonia who gave us an insight (in excellent English!) into just what it's like to be one of only three students in the classroom.

Baranja and Slavonia are undergoing an emigration crisis, with many giving up their search to make an adequate living in eastern Croatia and packing their things to head to Germany and Ireland, we often hear statements from various government officials, politicians, and more valuably, residents of Baranja and Slavonia who have been unwillingly flung into this situation in their day to day lives. But what about the kids? The next generation? How must it feel to be the only student in your class? Maybe Adrian from Kneževo can shed some light...

My name is Adrian. I'm 11 years old. I live in Kneževo, a small village near Beli Manastir in Baranja. I'm going to fifth grade of domestic school Kneževo. There are only 31 students. I know all of them

Being the only student in the class isn't a problem to me, but I often wish I had a friend with whom I could share my school experiences.

My favorite subject is Phys Ed. I really love to play table tennis. The teacher, Vladimir, is also my personal trainer. My religious studies teacher, Tomislav, is my favourite teacher. My second favourite subject is mathematics.

If I don't know something, the problem is that I am not able to copyfrom other students. Sometimes I don't like that fact, but my teachers are always there for me and they help me a lot.

It's superb that I'm the president and the vice president in my class, and I do all other important roles.

Time goes much slower when you're the only student, but during Informatics and Religious studies, I'm accompanied bythree sixth grade students – Tea, Lucija and Nina. It's always fun with them. They are so curious and they encouraged me to write this text.

At the end I would like to saydespite being the only student in the class, I'm still happy in my school!


Text written entirely by Adrian, age 11, for Popovac Primary School