Mato Franković and Dragan Lozančić - How Can Dubrovnik Improve Cooperation With Emergency Services?

By 24 September 2017

How can the Pearl of the Adriatic and the emergency services function together with more ease?

As DuList reports on the 24th of September, 2017, Mayor of the City of Dubrovnik Mato Franković and his associates received Dragan Lozančić and the head of the Dubrovnik Regional Office, Ana Miličić.

Lozančić, who led the nation's leading protection and rescue organisation, said that the new National Security Strategy on Civil Protection will focus on empowering the role of cities and counties to which DUZS will provide all the necessary support to upgrade and modernise their individual systems of function.

Lozančić emphasised the importance of raising the awareness of the civil protection system which, according to the principle of subsidiarity, especially in the areas of fire and civil protection, is the responsibility of the local government.

Mayor Mato Franković informed Lozančić of the degree of readiness of the emergency services in Dubrovnik, highlighting the ever stronger role of the City of Dubrovnik in providing systematic and permanent financial assistance to institutions such as the Red Cross, Rescue Services, and Emergency Medical Services for their various programs, as well as through investments in updated equipment, and for the purchase of vehicles and/or vessels.

The Mayor also referred to the Public Fire Department (JVP Dubrovački Vatrogasci/Dubrovnik Fire Brigade), stating that a new collective agreement was being prepared to provide firefighters with more rights than those they've had so far.

It is professionally estimated that significant improvements are required across the board in the field of cooperation and coordination between the emergency services in terms of the implementation of modern communication solutions, in which direction the City of Dubrovnik has already taken several important steps.


Translated from DuList.hr